Nasim Raja
As the Chair of BizAv Media, Nasim Raja will be providing her experience and wisdom to help guide the company
Max Raja
Publisher & CEO of BizAv Media Ltd
Max Raja has deep and long-standing connections to high net worth individuals worldwide. Having been in the private jet sector
Anthony Harrington
Editorial Director
Anthony's career in journalism goes back longer than he feels comfortable remembering. A two time journalist-of-the-year winner, and with multiple
Noel Barton
Creative Director
Noel has a degree in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications and a vast and varied history of commercial experience. He's
Roger Baker
Business Development Director
Over the last 30 years, Roger has spent 20 of them hard at work connecting clients and audiences together through
Elle Smith
Sales Executive
Elle brings a wealth of sales experience to BizAv Media. She has worked with national newspapers, numerous publication titles across
Jane Stanbury
Global Luxury Travel Correspondent
Jane has over 30 years’ professional experience working in the media, communications, business aviation, and travel sectors. She has run