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Why not advertise your company, brand, product or service in our magazines, on our website, in our email newsletters, or at an event?

The four main ways of advertising your brand with us:




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Magazine Advertisement Specifications

For Business Aviation Magazine (BAM), Double Spread Ad, Full Page Ad and Half Page Ad are available.

For The FBO International Yearbook, Double Spread Ad, Full Page Ad, Half Page Ad and Quarter Page Ad are available.

Double Page Spread Ad - 420 x 297 mm plus 3mm bleed

Full Page Ad - A4 - 210 x 297 mm plus 3mm bleed

Half Page Ad - 174 x 115 mm

Quarter Page Ad - 80 x 115 mm

Files should be in Adobe PDF format with standard print image resolution of 300dpi and all transparency and layers flattened.

CMYK Colour only. No RGB colours, spot colours, Pantone colours, custom transfer functions or custom halftones.

Fonts should be embedded/subset and should be PostScript Type1, TrueType or OpenType.

Full Page Ad – keep all text and important information 10mm from the page edges.

Double Spread Ad – keep all text and important information 10mm from the page edges and from the centre-line due to binding.

Website and Email Advertisement Specifications

Web banners for our website should be 300 x 250 pixels. Email banners should be 590 x 90 pixels.

File format for either should be jpg, png, gif or animated gif. No heavy/visible compression. Please keep file size under 100kb.

Website Banner Ad - 300 x 250 pixels plus
Email Banner Ad - 590 x 90 pixels


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