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EBACE 2024 Networking Event

Wednesday 29th May 2024 | Optimhall - Geneva Event Space, Chemin de la Gravière 4, CH-1227 Acacias (GE) | 8.30pm till 3am
Professional Networking | By invitation only | Business cards required upon entry with flyer pass


BizAv Events and our famous After Parties!

BizAv Events, a subsidiary of BizAv Media Ltd, is the power behind the best-known parties in the business aviation industry. Max Raja is renowned for ensuring that everyone who attends has a phenomenal, fun-filled networking night out, while sponsors enjoy an unrivalled branding event together with a great evening in the company of their favourite clients – and the opportunity to join top level executives from across the industry. At the heart of BAM’s After Parties, organised by BizAv Events, is the sponsorship opportunities these events provide for around seven to ten non-competing companies in the business aerospace sector. Sponsors have their own table and up to 100 tickets, depending on the sponsorship package. Key here is the fact that we’re providing you with the chance to give a substantial number of your clients a fabulous evening at a fraction of the cost – and with none of the hassle – that would be involved in staging your own event. BAM hosts After Parties at all the major shows, including EBACE, NBAA and the Dubai Air show and MEBAA.

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